Based in Basingstoke, Hants, TH Sports + Fitness are leading innovators of children's Total Football, adult bootcamps, fitness, sports and nutrition. 



Formed in 2016, we felt that there was a need for a fun, friendly, effective form of fitness for all levels. Our bootcamps provide an entire body workout and are ideal for any fitness, health or sporting goal. The classes have a wide variety of participants; the average person who wants to lose fat, the individual that wants to gain muscle/tone, and even professional athletes looking to substitute their pre season training with something a little different. We have created a friendly environment that will push you to achieve your potential.





James Harvey,  Trainer
James has worked in the fitness and coaching industry for the last 11 years and always wanted to provide a quality service that provides tangible results. The experience gained as a gym instructor, personal trainer and from his degree in Sport Science and Coaching has provided the platform to build his fitness and sporting knowledge. Working for Total Football in the Netherlands opened his eyes to a new Dutch coaching philosophy that he has seen work first hand in developing young aspiring football players.


Dave Trevelion, Trainer
Dave received his Sports Science degree from the University of UWE, and since then has expanded his knowledge in the sporting world. Dave has been involved within sport for the last 15 years, either playing coaching or mentoring. He has an excellent knowledge of developing aspiring players along side a keen eye for fitness/sporting opportunities. His love for sports and fitness is only surpassed by his attitude to provide the best opportunity for all that take part.